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Fish Dog Domains & Hosting Services makes it easy for anyone to have an online presence

Located in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico we have decided to offer CHEAP prices on all internet domains & services. Know that every domain you register, renew, or transfer into our affiliated site, Fish Dog Domains, that we will donate $1 for each domain, for every year you register through us. After years of dealing with and helping businesses, organizations, friends and even strangers obtain & register domains, affiliated internet services that are necessary, we have created a partnership agreement with In doing so can offer substancial discounts on the same services, domain registrations, etc... and pass those savings on to you while donating money to a great cause! We will make a difference not only for our FURRY, FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS but very nice savings in your bank account, as well! Domain registrations are easy & if done with the right company, very inexpensive! Websites, whether for personal, organizations, business services and/or e-commerce are all very easy to set up, easy to maintain and most importantly very inexpensive, if you do it yourself through our site! Many people have no idea how cheap/eaasy it really is! Simply check for your specific domain's availability and register it. It's easy to create a free account on our site. We look forward to providing you with the best prices & service available. Thx Todd Hochstedler & our 5 Golden Retrievers

At Fish Dog Domains & Hosting Services we offer the best domain related products and services available online. The services we offer include Linux Web Hosting, Domain Registrations, RCOM Shield, VeriSign SSL Certificates, GeoTrust SSL Certificates, Comodo SSL Certificates, POP Email, Email Forwarding, DNS Hosting, URL Forwarding, goMobi, Premium Domain Registration, Traffic Generator, GeoTrust Anti-Malware, XXX, Website Builder, SiteLock.

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Villa Serena 230
Calle de las Lomas
Cabo San Lucas, BCS 23410



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